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Well Charts and Plots

3D Chart Viewer#

The 3D chart viewer shows all wells and can be accessed in full screen in the "Trajectory Menu".

Operations in the Viewer#

Casings/Grid/Lithology/Lithology Volume/Rig/WaterSelect any of these options to include them in the viewer
Change Focus PointHold left mouse button and drag
Change View AngleHold right mouse button and drag
Disable Well NamesClick the "eye" icon top right corner of viewer
Full Screen and ViewsUse arrows in top right corner
Turn on EllipsoidsClick the 'Calc Ellipses' button top left corner of viewer, then select Ellipsoids
ZoomScroll with the pointer inside the viewer

Plan View#

The plan view plot shows projections of wells in the horizontal plane. To access the plan view plot select "Plan View" from the drop down menu inside the chart viewer.

The "Plan View" plot will show the selected well or all wells if no wells are selected

Options in Plan View#

Show CasingIf enabled, this will show the casings' starting depths.
Show DepthsIf show depths is enabled the TVD depths of the well will be displayed
Show TargetsIf enabled, this will show you the projection of all wells in the horizontal plain.
Hide WellsSelect/disable wells by clicking on the well name in the plot legend.

Section View#

Section view plot shows the vertical section of the well projected on to a vertical plain. The azimuth of the vertical plane is calculated by default. The casing, depth, and formation can be shown on the plot by enabling them.

The reference azimuth of the vertical plan can be manually overridden by inputting a desired reference azimuth in the top of the plot.