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Look at uncertainty report, Separation Factors and plots.#

The reports/charts menu is where you can find uncertainty reports and separation factor calculations. Inside the menu you will find five areas.

Menu ItemExplanation
Uncertainty ReportReport of the uncertainties of the selected well
Survey ReportResults table to Separation factor and center to center distance between reference well(Selected well) and offset wells
Survey MinimumsShows the global minimums between reference well and offset wells
Separation Factor Chart ViewChart showing separation factors
Distance Chart ViewChart showing center to center distance to offset wells


  • All Tables can be copied to by clicking "Copy (decimal dot)" or "Copy (decimal comma)"
    The difference is the sign use to separate decimals.
  • There must always be two or more visible wells present on the site to be able to view plots in the pane.
  • Hidden wells will not be displayed or used in calculations.
  • The application will use the latest saved version of your design. So remember to press “Save”, if you have made recent changes.