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How to Create a Target

This subsection explains how targets are created and modified.#

Well paths are built with respect to desired targets. A new target is added by clicking the "+" icon next to Targets.

After creating a new target, a target menu pops up as shown abpve. A Target Name can be assigned to the target as well as defining the location of the target in True Vertical Depth (TVD).

The target shape can be defined by five different geometric relations:

Shape NameExplanation
BoxCube defined by width, height, and depth
CylinderCylinder defined by radius and height
PointPoint at target location
RectangleRectangular plane defined by width and height
SpehereSphere defined by radius

The location of the target is defined by two systems; geodetic datum and input type.

Geodetic Datum#

The geodetic datum field shown below lets you choose the reference frame to be used when defining the target location on the curved surface of the earth. The following options are available in the Oliasoft Welldesign application.

Input Type#

The input type field shown below lets you select the reference frame for defining the location of the target on a flat surface.

The following four options are available through Oliasoft Welldesign:

Input TypeExplanation
Universal Transverse Mercator [UTM]Coordinates defined by Easting and Northing, where Easting is the distance from the prime meridian and Northing is the distance from equator
Decimal Degrees [DD]Coordinates given in Latitude and Longitude as decimal fractions of a degree
Degrees / Minutes / Seconds [DMS]Coordinates given in Latitude and Longitude as [DMS] with reference to some geographic direction. Degrees are divided into 60 minutes of arc and minutes are divided into 60 seconds of arc.
OffsetCoordinates given by local offset to set site location.

When shape and location is set, the new target can be inspected in the 3D View.