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Trajectory Design

Based on all the input values you have set in the Project Settings you may now start with the Trajectory Design.

When entering the trajectory module, you will be met by a view like this.

In the left hand menu you will find three choices. The + sign in each menu lets you add a new item in each menu.

Menu ItemExplanation
SitesArea for defining geographical locations and geomagnetic data
WellsArea for creating and designing new wells
TargetsArea for defining well targets

In the top right corner you will find two menus.

Menu ItemExplanation
ImportLets you import wells from other projects or sources
SettingsArea for project settings including error modeling and anit-collision

To change reference point of viewing hold right mouse button and drag. To zoom, scroll in and out. You can also use buttons in right hand corner to navigate and enter full screen.

Adding Sites

Open the sites area by clicking on the predefined site titled "Site Name" .

Enter a Site name and a site location by selecting one of the three coordinate formats offered. You can input your geographical position in:

  • UTM Coordinates
  • Decimal Degrees
  • Latitudes and Longitudes

Geomagnetic Site Data

You can add geomagnetic site data by selecting a date. The geomagnetic data will be retrieved from the IGRF model supported by the British Geological Survey web services .

To view the geomagnetic data populated by the model press "Model Settings" . All inputs can be manually inputted by selecting "Manual Settings".

Additionally, you can define various other locations to your projects (such as relief well sites) by pressing the "+" sign under Sites in the left hand menu.


  • The different well locations will appear on the map as blue pins
  • You may delete a site by pressing the trash can next to the location name
  • Only additional locations can be deleted as a project always needs one main site location.

Adding targets

To create and enter the targets page add a new target by clicking on the "+" sign under Targets in the left hand menu and select the newly created target.

Here you can specify predefined targets for your well under the targets page. This can be reservoir targets or targets/way points you want to hit along the well trajectory. The targets you define here can later be found when constructing well trajectories and in build-functions that need way points as input. You can add targets at any point in the well trajectory process.

Steps When Adding a New Target

  • In the target menu you can set the Target Name and specify your target parameters, geographical location and the shape of the target.
  • Azimuth and Inclination are optional inputs


You may import already existing wells, either planned or drilled. You can import existing wells from other projects in WellDesign or other sources.

To import an existing well from WellDesign press Import from archive. A list of the closest wells in distance will appear. Select the project that you wish to select a well from, and press “import selected wells”. The imported well can then be found in the list of wells to the left, with its original name.


  • At the moment only the first well in each project will be imported, when importing existing wells already created in Oliasoft WellDesign.
  • A change in the imported well does not cause changes in the original well in the other project.


In the settings menu, which is accessed through the highlighted icon in the figure below, you will be able to view and set wellbore and uncertainty values for error modeling and anti-collision.

All inputs have a default value that can be edited by a common user or restricted by a user with admin access.