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Dynamic Kill Simulation

Kill Simulation#

To run a kill simulation, a blowout simulation result has to be available.That is, you have to have run a blowout simulation first. For the kill simulation, choose a blowout simulation from the panel on the left hand side. The results will automatically be loaded in and displayed in the Blowout scenarios to be killed section as shown below.

Kill Simulation Details#

First, you select which exit point and flow path you want to kill. Then there are several inputs that has to be defined. In the Simulation details section there are some model specific options such as Simulation time and Time interval for saving shown below, which defines the duration of the kill operation and the intervals for saving results.

Kill properties#

To run the kill simulation, the following inputs must be defined in the Other Settings tab shown in the figure below:

  • Kill Strategy
  • Kill Mud Weight
  • Kill Rate
  • Kill Mud Type
  • Relief Well / Custom Intersection Point

The following kill strategies are available:

  • Constant Kill Rate - kill rate is kept constant throughout the kill operation
  • Automatically Calculated Kill Rate - the kill rate starts at the defined value and starts to decrease (approaching 0) once the well is killed
  • User Defined - the user manually defines the kill rate and time intervals for each rate

Next, the desired kill mud weight and kill rate can be set as inputs, together with the desired kill mud type. The mud type can be picked from the Drilling Fluids Library. The rheological properties of that specific fluid will then be used for further calculations.

The simulation can either be run using a predefined relief well or by defining the intersection point (i.e. kill point) manually.

To run the dynamic kill simulation, press the Run simulation button at the top.

After the simulation is finished, the results can be found at the bottom of the page.