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Automatic Design

The Automatic Design module allows for automatic casing and tubing design based on a premade dataset.

Once Automatic Design (1) is selected, the Rule Set tab shown in the figure above appears.. The desired rule set is chosen from the library (2), and the validation of the chosen dataset is visualized (3).

After choosing a proper dataset, the setting depths, mud weights, and kick tolerances (2) are calculated for the respective casings as shown in the figure below. These values can be recalculated based on the chosen mud strategy (1). The calculation results are also displayed in a mud weight window plot (3).

When the mud stategy is chosen the Required Design Parameters (2) are calculated, and the best suited casings and tubing are proposed (1) as illustrated in the figure below. By pressing the Finish button the automatically designed well schematic will be saved, and overwrite any casing design already present.